The ultimate all-in-one solution for the future of video collaboration.

Take Your Meeting Spaces into the Future

The AI-powered All-In-One DTEN D7X transforms every meeting room into a modern workspace.

D7X is a certified solution for Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams.

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Simply the Best

Deep learning, AI, enhanced compute capabilities and a set of industry leading innovative features transforms the D7X from a video conferencing device into today’s most modern, technologically advanced all-in-one meeting room solution.

D7X is available in a Windows and Android Edition in 55” and 75” displays.

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An Enterprise Ready Multi-platform Solution

BYOD. Bring your own device and simply connect your laptop via a single USB-C charging cable to join a Zoom, Microsoft Teams or virtually any video meeting.

Access DTEN D7X’s upgraded speakers, camera, microphones and touch capabilities for an enterprise ready professional meeting experience.

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Hear the Difference

Upgraded AI-assisted audio optimization suppresses distracting sounds so you can focus on the meeting. With speakers four times more powerful, everyone, even in larger rooms, can hear clearly.

The new 15 mic array ensures even the softer voices are picked up so everyone is heard clearly.

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See What You’ve Been Missing

Experience a 20% improvement in video clarity so everyone can be seen.

AI-assisted 4K extra wide-angle camera delivers 129 degree field of view to capture everyone in the room, even those on the sideline.

Access Zoom Rooms auto framing and Smart Gallery and DTEN Smart Framing to bring remote participants back into the conversation where they can be seen clearly.

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Collaborate Better than Ever

Capture inspiration as it strikes with AI-powered 4K touchscreen technology for real-time whiteboarding and annotation with natural writing tools, auto shapes and a choice of colors.

Improved touch writing precision by 30% with DTEN’s proprietary deep learning based super-resolution algorithm.

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Stay Front and Center

No more walking back and forth from your laptop to the board. The DTEN D7X Touchback feature means you simply tap your D7X for content control.

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All-in-One Design with Room to Grow

The AI-powered all-In-one DTEN D7X propels every meeting room into a modern meeting and collaboration workspace.

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Connectivity Simplified

Never need to bring your laptop power cord to the meeting again. Connect via a single USB-C 65w charging cable for power and BYOD. Wired and WiFi 6 connectivity available.

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Extend Communication & Collaboration with Ease

Instantly expand your viewing real estate by adding an additional screen for dedicated presentation and collaboration space.

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Powerful Performance

Windows and Android Editions pack a powerful punch with upgraded CPUs and GPUs for clearer video, crisper sound and more natural touch collaboration. System ready for future feature enhancements.


Worry-Free IT Support Services

With DTEN Orbit Services, manage your devices with tools like: centralized administration, remote device and user management, device status and health monitoring.

Diagnose and repair issues faster with DTEN Orbit Mission Control and receive firmware updates to stay current with the latest features.

Explore DTEN Services

DTEN Orbit

The Ultimate Orbit Service Platform

Worry-free Support

  • orbit Remote device and user management
  • orbit Remote diagnosis and repair
  • orbit Device status and health monitoring
  • orbit Remote firmware updates

Extended Warranty

  • orbit Extended warranty for length of plan
  • orbit Advance parts and product replacement
  • orbit Minimize equipment downtime
  • orbit Comprehensive device coverage

Enhanced Customer Support

  • orbit Live customer support up to 24/7
  • orbit Instructor-led product trainings
  • orbit Personalized service options available
  • orbit Knowledgeable solutions experts


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  • Windows IoT
  • Android OS
Group 3


  • Multi-Touch Display
  • 4K Camera
  • 15-Microphone Array
  • Integrated Speakers
Group 8


  • Ultra HD 4K LED 55”/75″ 16:9
  • Capacitive Touch Screen Display
  • 20 Touchpoints /Low latency- 50 ms response time
  • 180 touch-point reporting rate
  • AI based to improve the touch accuracy
  • Supports dual screens
  • Extended screen supported
Group 3

Camera System

  • 4K / Fixed Lens, Infinite Focus
  • D7X 55″: Field of View (FOV) 120° / Vertical FOV 88°
  • D7X 75″: Field of View (FOV) 90° / Vertical FOV 88°
  • PTZ and preset support
  • Zoom Rooms Auto framing
  • Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery
  • DTEN Smart Framing

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