DTEN in Huddle and Focus Rooms

When inspiration strikes, grab a colleague and a DTEN device

Huddle Room Video Conferencing

DTEN solutions provide seamless, lifelike interactivity for people in physical and virtual huddle rooms. Our all-in-one collaboration solutions that include smart camera and audio technology, and hyper-responsive 4K touch screen display create collaboration equity.


With its three 4K cameras, our new Inclusiview feature frames up to 5 participants in the room so everyone is positioned to make eye contact.

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D7X 55’’

Our flagship All-in-One video conferencing solution, the D7X provides next-generation video collaboration experiences for Zoom Rooms or Microsoft Teams Rooms with powerful BYOD technology for everything else.

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DTEN GO with Mate

Already have a display in the room but want it to be video and touch enabled? The DTEN GO with Mate is the perfect solution - and portable to even move between rooms

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With a single tap, users can launch a whiteboard experience with a persistent canvas to create new ideas and easily edit after the meeting's end.

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