Nelson Mandela’s Former Bodyguard, Chris Lubbe, Uses DTEN to Level Up his Inspirational Talks From Home

Nelson Mandela’s Former Bodyguard, Chris Lubbe, Uses DTEN to Level Up his Inspirational Talks From Home


Chris Lubbe is an internationally acclaimed inspirational keynote speaker and storyteller who draws on his incredible story of resistance against ‘apartheid’, having grown up in a ghetto in Durban, South Africa. Chris utilises modern technology, from Zoom and DTEN, to deliver his sessions and keep his audience spell-bound as he takes them on a journey of discovery.

The Challenge

As an Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Chris is required to regularly present to a wide range of audiences within education, business, corporate and the charity sectors. These audiences can be based all over the world which means it’s not always possible to be there in person and Chris must deliver these sessions remotely, using video conferencing technology.

Chris’ talks and workshop sessions deliver an extremely powerful message which contain themes such as fear, determination, courage, love and forgiveness, all in the face of blatant racial discrimination. It is therefore crucial that there are no distractions, audio or video issues or technical difficulties that could impact the delivery of these sessions.

Chris previously would use a USB webcam, plugged into his desktop computer, which he referred to as “grainy”. He had no collaboration capabilities and he would either use a desktop USB microphone or, more often than not, his mobile headphones which had sub-par audio pick up and no noise cancellation capabilities.

The Solution

In advance of a Black History Month workshop event with the National Video Conferencing in Education Group, in which DTEN and Chris Lubbe were both involved, DTEN worked with Chris to better equip his home office with the All-in-One Personal Collaboration Solution that could offer a professional and seamless video experience.

The DTEN ME Pro was a perfect solution for the professional keynote speaker, with a 27’’ hyper-responsive touch display, smart 3-camera array, 160-degree horizontal Field of View (FOV), 8-microphone array, integrated stereo speakers, acoustic echo cancellation, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and AI-based noise cancellation, it means Chris can be seen and heard perfectly by all those watching. 

Although it is most commonly used as a stand alone solution for Zoom, the DTEN ME Pro also features DTEN’s SmartConnect technology which means that the device can be used with Chris’ own computer (BYOD) to utilise the device peripherals across other platforms and applications.

Chris said, “The DTEN device has been very very useful for me. The technology is seamless and I don’t need to attach anything else to it. I am able to use the DTEN’s camera, microphone and touch screen, as part of my everyday work and I haven’t had to worry about sound and picture at all.”

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Chris Lubbe interacting with the DTEN ME Pro in his home office.

The Benefit

Since using the DTEN ME Pro solution, Chris has delivered numerous uninterrupted remote sessions, involving audiences from USA, UK, Poland and Taiwan and more. Most importantly, using the DTEN ME Pro allows Chris Lubbe to significantly reduce his carbon footprint by minimizing energy consumption and reducing the need for travel, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

He has also received great feedback about the audio and video quality and has been able to make his presentations more interactive with the introduction of live whiteboarding and annotation.

Chris says, “I am very impressed with the DTEN solution. Not only have I had great feedback from my audience about the remarkable difference in sound and camera clarity, but with the wide camera view I have also been able to change my presenting techniques to actually stand up more. I’ve never had the opportunity to do that before.”

The improvement in Chris’ audio and video has allowed his audiences to focus on what matters – leaving the sessions inspired to take action to bring about change within their personal lives, respective organisations & communities.
Chris summarises, “Being able to stand up and present, with such clarity, is as close to reality as we can get. No longer am I just a floating head on the screen, the DTEN helps to bring reality into the classroom.

Chris Lubbe annotates media using the touch-activated screen on the DTEN ME Pro
Lubbe annotates media using the touch-activated screen on the DTEN ME Pro.