How to Secure Your Zoom Virtual Classroom with DTEN

How to Secure Your Zoom Virtual Classroom with DTEN


DTEN devices, exclusively designed for Zoom, offer a uniquely secure way to host Zoom classes

Together with Zoom, DTEN offers a set of built-in DTEN-only hardware security measures that safeguard customers from potential intrusions. Combined with Zoom software security features and enhanced encryption, you can be confident that your classes are secure.

Take 4 simple steps to limit access to your Zoom class to you, your students, and your invited guests.

1. Update Your Zoom Software

Take advantage of the latest security features

Enhanced encryption capabilities in recent Zoom software releases ensure that your meeting is fully secured against  “Zoom bombing”.  Zoom’s commitment and recent acquisition of security firm Keybase, ensures the Zoom platform will  continue to add security features to safeguard your Zoom class. 

Important: always make sure that you and your students update to the latest Zoom/ Zoom Rooms software version before you click Meet Now, otherwise you may have trouble joining in the same meeting room.

2. Use the Zoom Waiting Room Function

Only admit your guests

The waiting room  feature creates a virtual waiting area that will ‘park’ your guests as they arrive.   As users join the host will be prompted to easily admit the new participants into the meeting room.

To enable this feature, check the Advanced Options ^ dialog when you schedule the meeting. At the top of the list is a checkbox for Enable Waiting Room.  This feature is also available in call by pressing the Security button on the host’s Zoom client.  Granting the ability to easily enable and disable the waiting room feature while the call takes place. 

3. Give Your Zoom Class Meetings an Automatically Generated Meeting ID

Don’t share your personal meeting ID

Did you know that your Zoom account has its own Personal Meeting ID?  Anyone who has this number can call you into a Zoom Meeting at any time. This can be a great way to stay connected with your students, but you want to protect this number just like you protect your personal cell phone number from telemarketers.

When you start your next Zoom Class meeting, make sure to toggle Generate Automatically under the Meeting ID setting, and a non-personal meeting ID number will be created for that session. Don’t worry, you can always share this meeting ID with guests and students who you would like to admit to your class, but you’ll be able to safeguard your personal meeting ID separately.

4. Require a Password to Join the Zoom Class Meeting

Control who can join

Requiring a password for your Zoom classroom meetings is another great method for controlling who can get into your classroom – and who can’t. Make your password something memorable, like the name of your class pet, or your school mascot.

Password settings can be configured in the Schedule Meeting dialog. Just don’t forget to check the box to enable the feature! 

So that’s it! 

  • Update to the latest Zoom software version
  • Toggle the three checkboxes above when you set up your next class meeting over Zoom
  • Meet and teach with confidence

For More Information

For more information and additional tips on hosting the ultimate Zoom classroom experience, reach out to SALES@DTEN.COM and REQUEST A DEMO.