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Leverage the power of touch with hybrid collaboration hardware for both Windows and Android OS.

DTEN’s video conferencing systems are easy to set up right away and work for any sized conference meeting room to meet a range of needs.


Intuitive to Use

Our portfolio of touch-enabled video conferencing equipment makes all the elements of starting and running a meeting easy and seamless.


Easy Installation

Plug in our devices and they just work - saving time and energy that you can spend on other ‘to-do’ list items.


Customized for Zoom

Our partnership with Zoom, which started when we built our first prototype, ensures that Zoom works perfectly on our award-winning displays.


Collaboration Equity

Remote work doesn’t have to feel remote. Create experiences that allow your hybrid workforce to collaborate, even when physically apart.

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OS Flexibility

Our solutions are compatible with Windows and Android devices, making video collaboration more widely accessible.

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Human-Centered Video Conferencing Equipment

A culture of collaboration starts with technology that anyone can use, from anywhere. We consider the customer’s needs in every aspect of our device design.

Smart Cameras

Wide-angle cameras remove distractions, creating a lifelike 4K display and the best experience for Zoom features like Smart Gallery.

Best-in-Class Microphones

AI-assisted microphone array technology provides crystal-clear audio for more natural meeting experiences.

Audio AI

DTEN Audio AI sound suppression technology filters out background noise for distraction-free meetings.

Intuitive Touch Enablement

Ultra-responsive touch display makes it easy for anyone to participate and interact. One tap and you’re ready to go and our 10 point capacitive touch fuels interactivity

Changing How Customers Connect and Collaborate

For thousands of companies around the globe, DTEN has transformed the hybrid workplace and even helped customers stay in business during uncertain times.

DTEN Recognitions


Red Dot Award

DTEN has continually been recognized by the Red Dot Awards as Best of the Best (D7 - 2019) and for Product Design (ME / ME Pro - 2021 plus DTEN Mate and ONboard - 2022)


GOOD Design

Zoom for Home - DTEN ME won this award for creating new directions in innovation through beautiful, useful and creative design.


IDA Award

Zoom for Home - DTEN ME received this award for its contemporary and elegant aesthetics, natural and dynamic user experience, diverse functionality and flexibility.

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