Meet DTEN ME, Your Personal Collaboration Device for Zoom

Meet DTEN ME, Your Personal Collaboration Device for Zoom


Perfectly sized for your desk

The DTEN ME is your all-in-one collaboration device built to deliver the ultimate Zoom meeting experience while working from home or in smaller, personal workspaces.

Key Features:

  • All-in-one personal device for Zoom
  • Designed for the desk and tabletop
  • 27” Full HD multi-touch display
  • True plug and play for hassle-free set up for home and office
  • DTEN Audio AI reduces background noises
  • Smart cameras provide life-like video for a professional meeting experience
  • Proprietary DSP processing delivers crystal clear audio

Without the right technology, video meetings fall short

Small screens on laptops with low-end webcams make it difficult to see other people in the meeting. And poor camera quality makes a less than professional impression.

Sub-par speakers and microphone quality make it hard to hear others or to be heard clearly. Often distracting noises completely derail meetings.

The meeting solution that changes the game

  • DTEN ME combines enterprise-quality collaboration technology into a perfectly sized device designed for the desktop
  • With built-in Zoom software, DTEN ME integrates video conferencing, phone calling, whiteboarding and annotation in a 27” touch display that can also serve as a monitor
  • As an all-in-one Zoom appliance, the DTEN ME replaces the need for a webcam, speakers, microphone, second monitor and all those messy cables
  • As a single collaboration device, DTEN ME declutters your desk and helps you stay organized

Turn Zoom meetings interactive and collaborative with whiteboarding and annotation

  • The multi-touch Full HD display is ultra responsive and keeps up with the speed of your ideas
  • Use whiteboarding to illustrate your thoughts and then send the whiteboarding slides to teammates after the meeting
  • Auto-corrects your hand drawn shapes for clarity as you draw on the whiteboard

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