DTEN Small Room Solution

An Optimized Solution for Smaller Meeting Spaces

Supercharge Hybrid Meeting Experiences on Any Display

Instantly Transform Small Meeting Spaces into Dynamic and Efficient Collaborative Environments for Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms (upcoming) with Easy BYOD.

Vertical and Horizontal Mounting Options

The Small Room Solution with DTEN Bar and DTEN Mate offers versatility in mounting configurations – above or below a single display or vertically between two displays.

Its unique ability to flip 360 degrees with the same aspect ratio ensures true eye-to-eye level meeting experiences, allowing seamless sharing of both people and content in the same meeting.

Superior Quality, Innovative Design & Ease of Use

The DTEN Small Room Solution supercharges hybrid video meeting experiences with a professional set of high-performing AI-enhanced audio, video, and presentation-ready features packed into an intuitive and easy to use system.

An Optimized Solution for Small Rooms

From the ground up, the DTEN Small Room Solution has been designed to support the future of hybrid meetings, with AI-powered video and audio enhancements for more immersive meeting experiences.

The DTEN Small Room Solution includes the DTEN Bar paired with the award-winning DTEN Mate Room Controller.

Designed to Enhance Everyday Hybrid Work

Careful design considerations have been given to ensure video meetings are intuitive and the technology enhances the way we meet, every day.

Simplified Single-Cable Content Sharing

For professional presentations and easy content sharing, simply connect any laptop via USB-C for full-function, two-way BYOD with 65W charging capability at the tabletop.

Compact Design, Full-size Performance

The DTEN Small Room Solution delivers enterprise-grade video meeting experiences in a conveniently compact and flexible package.

Introducing the New DTEN Bar

At the center of the DTEN Small Room Solution, the DTEN Bar is distinguished by its superior quality, innovative design and ease of use.

Versatile Control and Meeting Management at the Tabletop

The DTEN Small Room Solution includes the award-winning DTEN Mate Room Controller for convenient meeting controls and management at the tabletop, available as wired PoE or WiFi.

With a single tap of the screen, users can launch meetings, admit participants, browse meeting schedules, adjust camera and microphone settings, and so much more.

Design Considerations for Flexibility and Convenience

The cleverly designed wall mount bracket is suitable for horizontal or vertical orientation, with an optional set screw for added security

DTEN Orbit for Hassle-free IT

Remotely manage, update and monitor device health, reduce device downtime and get rapid tech support with DTEN Orbit, included FREE with every DTEN device.

For extended support and services, add DTEN Orbit Pro with Mission Control for remote access troubleshooting and leverage the DTEN support team to keep your rooms up to speed.

DTEN Orbit

The Ultimate Orbit Service Platform

Worry-free Support

  • orbit Remote device and user management
  • orbit Remote diagnosis and repair
  • orbit Device status and health monitoring
  • orbit Remote firmware updates

Extended Warranty

  • orbit Extended warranty for length of plan
  • orbit Advance parts and product replacement
  • orbit Minimize equipment downtime
  • orbit Comprehensive device coverage

Enhanced Customer Support

  • orbit Live customer support up to 24/7
  • orbit Instructor-led product trainings
  • orbit Personalized service options available
  • orbit Knowledgeable solutions experts

DTEN Small Room Solution

All-in-One Kit

Solution Kit Includes:

  • DTEN Bar
  • USB-C (6ft/1.8m) BYOD Cable
  • DTEN Mate (PoE or WiFi), packaged separately 
  • HDMI (6ft/1.8m) Cable
  • Wall Mount Bracket
  • Power Cord Adapters

4K Camera System

  • 4K / 8MP, Fixed Lens, Infinite Focus
  • Field of View: 95° HFoV / 105° DHoV
  • PTZ and preset support
  • Zoom Rooms Auto framing
  • Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery
  • DTEN Smart Framing

Inputs & Outputs

  • HDMI in x 1
  • HDMI Out x 2
  • USB-C x 1 (USB-C BYOD Cable Included)
  • USB-A (2.0) x 2
  • USB-A (3.0) x 2
  • RJ-45 x 1
  • Kensington Lock slot x 1

Flexible Mounting Options

  • Mount above, below or vertically between two displays