DTEN Brings 55”, 70”, 84” Interactive boards to Your Hurdle Room

Intelligently Simple Collaboration

Create and Manage Content Easily

Intuitive Whiteboarding Experience

Use the DTEN pen to write; use fingers to move or select; and use the eraser or hand palm to erase. Focus on communicating your ideas, and not on the figuring out how to use.

Unlimited Canvas

Write on the DTEN Note screen. Design workflows and diagrams and brainstorm ideas. Move to a fresh, new section on the screen with two fingers as if you are scrolling to a new page. Use the unlimited canvas to draft as many pages as you want. Save your files and retrieve easily.

Easy Integration With Collaboration Software

DisplayTen is technology agnostic and can integrate with any meeting software with ease. So whether you are running Skype of Business, WebEx, or Zoom, you can run powerful meetings from anywhere in the world to share and communicate your ideas.

Create and Manage Content Easily

Eliminate Messy Configurations

No WiFi Setup

Maximize your meeting time by staying focused on your ideas instead of wasting time on setup. The one-click wireless technology lets you share quickly and easily without the frustration of getting your equipment to work.

Fast, Secure, and Dedicated WiFi Network

DisplayTen has built-in WiFi that provides a dedicated network. It has private bandwidth, with a fast and secure connection. You can access this with the DTEN dongle only.

Use Outdoors with Full Angle and Anti Sunlight

Use in normal daylight with no problem. Recognize up to 10 touch points with precision and speed. Multi-touch without broken lines.

Eliminate Messy Configurations

Connect with Distributed Teams

Two Way Responsive Controls

Get two way controls between your device and the DTEN Board. You only need to share your presentation from your device. You can control what’s on the screen from the large interactive display. No need to walk back and forth from your laptop to the display screen.

Designed for Both Boardrooms and Casual Workplace Hangouts

DisplayTen easily fits into a large boardroom or a small workplace lounge. Use the 70″ and the 84″ interactive displays to run large scale meetings or the 55″ to quickly brainstorm ideas or huddle on a new concept with your team member.

Share and Collaborate

Simply share the meeting notes through the DTEN Board via email or use the DTEN mobile app to save by scanning a QR code. You can then send the file to your team members.

Connect with Distributed Teams

Optional PC Module

You can enhance the DTEN interactive board by adding a powerful PC module. Video conferencing of your choice and every PC feature you may like.

Optional PC Module

Easy Access and Full Connectors

It’s easy to integrate the DTEN with your other peripherals to make the touchscreen display part of your interactive meeting room solution. Full, easy access on the front of the large display unit to USB, HDMI, power, and other features.

Easy Access and Full Connectors
Easy Access and Full Connectors HDMI USB RS232

DTEN Mobile Apps

The DTEN iOS and Android apps are here! You can share your photos or videos to a DTEN Board; Save DTEN meetings by just a scan! More features to come. Stay tuned!


Q: What or Who is DisplayTen?

A: DisplayTen is corporate focused technology company based in Silicon Valley. Driven by technology innovation, DisplayTen’s DTEN Wireless Interactive Display delivers cable-free solution for corporate meeting rooms.

Q: How does DTenShare technology work?

A: With dedicated WiFi network built in DTEN Interactive Display, DTEN dongles can mirror content on your PC or Mac to DTEN within one click. No driver installed and no WiFi setup required.

Q: Do I need any training to use DTEN Software?

A: DTEN OS is designed with extremely easy to use thinking. It’s highly intuitive, pick up the pen to write, erase with eraser, move objects with finger. You will never need any training for DTEN software.

Q: Can I interact wirelessly with the Interactive Display Panel?

A: This is one of the key advantages of our solution. You can use DTEN wirelessly from anywhere in the room with no cables to worry about.

Q: Do I need to install any software?

A: No. Simply plug in the DTEN dongle to your PC or Mac (run the software if first use), within seconds, you are ready to mirror your contents to DTEN, one click on dongle, your show time starts.

Q: Does the Display need mounting or installation?

A: DTEN has standard VESA Mounting Interface, can be mounted onto the wall or mobile stand.

Q: Where can I download the latest driver software for my monitor?

A: There is no drive required for DTEN OS

Q: Do you have any safety certifications for your product?

A: Yes, we have CE, FCC Certifications. We are FCC Class B which is good for both residential and office. While most Interactive Displays are Class B which is only good for Office use). We also have all our products declared under RoHS.

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