Prepping The Workplace Technology for Gen Z–ers!


07 Jun 2016Prepping The Workplace Technology for Gen Z–ers!

This is the Instant Gratification Generation Gen Z-ers are here! They are right behind all the Zuckerberg like power stars - following similar footsteps but doing things differently. These kids live in the age of instant gratification. They can multitask on two different types of phones (iOS, flavors of Android, or something else), can learn how to use any new device in less than 30 seconds, play virtual games at breakfast, keep scores with other Gen Z-ers around the world, and probably teach you how to configure your Apple TV, Chrome cast or Xbox. They do homework on phone and can probably figure a few robotic programs or mobile applications that can help them ‘fine tune’ this process. These guys are breathing digital. Any new technology is not that ‘new’ for them. They have shorter attention spans and want to get results – fast!  Needless to say that the workplace technology needs to keep up! Thinking Outside Traditional Systems of Engagement By 2019, tens of millions of Gen Z-ers will enter the workforce. And by 2020, the young adults will wield roughly $3 trillion in purchasing power. They will come in to meet us with great expectations, and if we fail them, they’ll bring disruption to suit their lifestyle and work style. Traditional systems of engagement that work for the millennial will not work for them. Bringing short attention spans, informal working styles and, driven by quicker, instantaneous results, these guys will redefine the communication paradigms at workplace. Majority of the transactions will happen virtually, in a matter of a few seconds based on ‘visual’ data. Preparing Your Workplace Communication Technology for This Tectonic Shift There are lot of unknowns here, so it is not easy to create a fool proof plan. But making incremental changes to existing technology so that it can adapt easily is perhaps the wisest way. It all starts with communication because the modes, ways and nature of communication will need to transform first. From email to text, Snapchat and beyond. From large meeting rooms and boardrooms to more casual ‘hangouts’, yes, like the Google ones, but even more than that. From Skype, WebEx, and other video conferencing software to being ‘virtually there’, From screen sharing to real-time collaboration across any application. From notes capture through screenshots and mobile application QR codes to touch share technology. We’re Getting Ready for the Gen Z-ers! DisplayTen is watching the Gen Z-ers very closely. It is tracking their mindset and their behavior, and planning its product evolution to scale with their changing needs. This interactive display (currently available in 84”,70” and 55”) is designed to make all workplace hangouts smarter, intuitive and, a lot cooler. In the current state, DisplayTen lets you create large volume of notes, annotate, edit and share them with a virtual team in a matter of seconds as a follow up to a huddle. It is technology agnostic and integrates with any type of video conferencing software including Skype for Business, Zoom and WebEx to conduct seamless video conferencing with geo distributed teams and drive real time collaboration with interactive display. It is very low maintenance with zero Wi-Fi-connectivity requirement or data breach concerns. It brings the fascinating world of interactive visual content in action, which is where the Gen Z-ers start! And it will continue to grow in ways many and more. Visit for more information on our product.