The Reinvention of the Workspace


04 Aug 2016The Reinvention of the Workspace

The workplace isn’t a collection of tools anymore—it is an experience. To be successful, the digital workplace must be an experience, as well. But how can that be achieved? The cubicle conference room is making way for digital environments that are no less real than the physical spaces they’ve replaced. After all, our basic human needs don’t fly out the window just because we turned that spare bedroom into an office. We still crave connection and want to experience the spark from when we’re creating and collaborating with others. We yearn to be valued and to contribute. The challenge for employers in this new world is to create virtual spaces that satisfy those needs and more. The digital workplace is not just an option anymore and we all have to put our efforts to be open-minded enough to overthrow our existing roles and change our mindset and behavior to be more data driven. It’s not about controlling the information, but more about curation. It’s not about securing, but more about sharing it. We aren't talking about governance, but rather enablement. Digital workplaces in the first place is about us, the people. People and their user experiences. People and their advocacy towards the employers and brands that they represent. People and their improving digital proficiency. Work will be increasingly virtual and meetings will occur anywhere and anytime. That's possible through mobile personal devices with global real-time communications. Boundary-less work partnerships and networks augment capabilities and redefine careers. There is no denying that today’s workforce is in the midst of a digital revolution. New technologies reshape industries and force companies to change the way they practice business, and so it is easy to assume that employees will resist to this change.