Teachers Can Cross the Technology Chasm with DisplayTen


02 Aug 2016Teachers Can Cross the Technology Chasm with DisplayTen

In the last edtech blog, we discussed how technology has evolved and how the educational segment has been a part of that process. Classrooms have seen more use of technology, but many have yet to make the transition. Something that keeps classrooms from using the new technological tools are teachers not knowing how to use certain devices and not knowing how to incorporate those certain devices and tools into their daily activities with their students.

How Can DisplayTen Help?

DisplayTen has no learning curve and teachers don’t need to learn how to incorporate the display into the classroom. They can focus more on the teaching part of their job and let our digital whiteboards do the rest. DTEN interactive displays are unique because teachers can use them for every activity within a classroom and avoid any technical difficulties that come with cables and configurations (we’ve all heard teachers announce “we’re experiencing some technical difficulties so let’s move onto the next activity for the time being”). The #1 tool teachers need is some sort of whiteboard to write on. Well, that's easy for us to provide. Our DTEN notes work just like whiteboard for teachers to write on with our digital stylus pen. You can pick from a range of four colors and three different font sizes. When you run out of room, just click "add page" and continue writing. Best of all, there is no need to erase and have students miss out on note taking. You can save the digital notes and send them directly to your students! Teachers need to be able to refer to textbooks in class and many students have transitioned to using online textbooks. The DTEN interactive displays help teachers project textbook pages onto the monitor where they can annotate in front of students. And again teachers can share the notes they make with their students immediately. Many classrooms have become interactive and students have now taken over the traditional classroom setting. They have begun presenting, sharing, and collaborating their own information and findings with other students. To present and share this information, students can directly connect their laptops/tablets via the dongle and begin presenting within 3 seconds (refer to our 3-second rule blog). Need to watch a movie or a video in the classroom for educational purposes? Easy. These displays are multi-purpose—they can be a whiteboard, a “projector” to present, and even a TV. You can hook up a DVD player or even share your laptop screen to the display and immediately start watching. Edtech is constantly changing and it is difficult for classrooms to keep up at times. Knowing the right technology that could help class time be more effective and efficient is crucial to the success of the new generation student population. DisplayTen can help students transition into the digital era we are fast approaching.