Redefining the Future of Collaboration Within Enterprises


15 Jul 2016Redefining the Future of Collaboration Within Enterprises

If you’ve been following our updates on social media, you must have already seen our recent infographic on the modern workspace trends gravitating towards higher levels of interconnectivity, software integration, and access to new information. And it’s not just us that has noticed this significant uptrend in collaboration software. In June 2013, Redwood Capital created an analysis report on investments in enterprise social and collaboration software, particularly within the areas of group collaboration & workspaces, private social platforms, project and social task management, event scheduling, web collaboration, white boarding & diagramming, and other related technologies.” Today’s workspaces, in order to reflect these trends, have turned to the usage of various collaborative tools, smart devices, and cloud-based services such as Zoom, Dropbox, and Slack just to name a few. It has become important to understand that “social networking” within an enterprise no longer holds the same meaning. Work projects and assignments now require a way to connect and collaborate. “Social software” provides a platform to assist with this, but we don’t mean a basic digital whiteboard. We are talking about a social software that provides visual communication, collaboration, interactivity, and the ability to share, annotate, and edit work. This is where we come into the picture. In the infographic Catherine Zhou created for our company, we highlighted four key features, but we’re going to discuss the two seemingly important ones: highly customizable and holistic. Our interactive displays are running on Android software and this helps them be highly customizable and highly integrated. Android is an “open software” and we chose it because we could provide products that can be customizable to the needs of our end users. Additionally, our displays have comprehensible connectors and input modes that can collaborate with any given software or application making it the display that provides enterprises with quick solutions so that they can run effective meetings. Although our displays are our flagship product, we don’t just provide that to our consumers. We provide a holistic approach to collaboration with software, display, and wireless devices integrated seamlessly. We like saying that DisplayTen not only brings a display to the boardroom, but also brings collaboration solutions to the room. Communicating, connecting, and collaborating has become to the key to having a successful workspace environment. DisplayTen is that “social software” that enterprises are looking for to make this happen.