The Must Have Collaboration Tools

The Must Have Collaboration Tools

Collaboration is key to the success of our team at DisplayTen. In order for us to continue drive our organization’s growth, we will need ensure we collaborate and communicate effectively. As a startup, we don’t have the luxury of time and resources. We must collaborate to continue to win. 

It often takes multiple collaboration tools that lead to a company’s success. Here are some of our favorite collaboration tools that we use:

Project Management - Asana

Asana has been a good tool for our team to keep track of all the projects we have within our organization. Everything is neatly organized and connected. The functionality gives the team the visibility of projects being worked on by the team. 

Email, Collaboration & Storage - G Suite by Google Cloud

Email is still essentially one of the top collaboration tools combined with the entire G Suite, we are able to share files and work together on various Google documents. This offers the team to have a central location for files and working documents. A must have for any organization.

Instant Messenger - WeChat

Parts of our organization are located remotely and in different parts of the world. WeChat has given us a free way to instantly communicate with one another via instant messaging. We’re able to reach one another from simple quick questions or have conversations with a group of team members. Being able to quickly communicate with other team members not in the office helps us be more efficient. Instant messaging is a must for immediate communication.

Video and Web Conferencing - Zoom

The video and web conferencing of Zoom has allowed to remain connected with our remote team members. Zoom has been great in helping provide a complete meeting solution with our DisplayTen Interactive Whiteboards. The simplicity and performance of Zoom makes it necessary to have as one of your collaboration tools.

Interactive Whiteboards - DisplayTen

Of course we use our very own interactive whiteboards to help us collaboration throughout our office. We brainstorm and create new ideas on our digital whiteboard. We present content on the interactive displays and make annotations when needed to help clarify or solve problems. The benefits, time saved, and increased productivity from our DTEN Interactive Whiteboards are the reasons why we believe every organization should have this on their list of collaboration tools used in their companies. 

What are some of the collaboration tools your team utilizes? Share with us some of your favorite collaboration tools that help your company increase productivity. Collaboration is vital to business success and taking full advantage of the technology available to us is important.