Case Study: HubSpot selected DTEN to take video conferencing to the next level

Hubspot-dten-case study

Case Study: HubSpot selected DTEN to take video conferencing to the next level

HubSpot wanted to take videoconferencing to the next level. After extensive review, DTEN was selected to provide interactive video display to HubSpot offices across the globe.


Goal: Enable more dynamic collaboration.

Even after videoconferencing connected their global offices, HubSpot wanted to make their meetings more collaborative. Mr. Yan notes, “At Hubspot, we love (a) whiteboard. People like to go up to the board and just start writing things down.”


Yet without interactive hardware, Hubspot teams were still writing on unconnected boards, taking photos and sending to each other at the end of a meeting.


Review: “We looked at everything.”

Mr. Yan and team began an extensive marketplace review, carefully evaluating a variety of interactive whiteboarding vendors. Considerations included: size, format, price and ease of implementation. “We really tested for reliability, p-dissipation, the touchpoints, how easy was it to draw, how easy was it to erase.”


Another important part of the evaluation process: “We sprinkled (test boards) all around our campuses and waited for users to give us feedback.”


Selection: DTEN wins the business.

In the end, technical staff and users agreed: DTEN offered the best solution for HubSpot. “What we liked about DTEN was how well it integrates with ZOOM. The multiple screens where we could draw. And as a touchpoint and display, definitely the best for the price point.”


Also important in selecting DTEN: “Sound quality and visual clarity is impeccable.”  Users have also noted how responsive the technology is, like the ability to email directly from the board and even compliment the aesthetics. 


Ease of installation was much appreciated by Mr. Yan and the HubSpot team, calling it “pretty much plug and play. (We) were able to unwrap it, throw it up there and get connected.”


Success: Enhanced team work – from anywhere.

Most importantly, HubSpot acknowledges their ability to work better as teams. Mr. Yan explains, “DTEN interactive whiteboarding has enabled us to collaborate in a more seamless way”