How DisplayTen Makes Meetings More Collaborative


15 Aug 2016How DisplayTen Makes Meetings More Collaborative

  The effectiveness of meetings plays a vital role in the success of a collaborative group. ‘Collaboration’ is not just a trend, it’s here to stay. You might ask yourself now: There are always people involved in meetings, so aren’t all meetings technically ‘collaborative’? – The short answer: No, not all meetings are collaborative. The best examples are meetings in which people simply present, but other participants don’t get the chance to give their input. Or think of sales meetings, or university lectures in which one person presents, and the other listens. Think about your last team meeting. It is fair to say that most team meetings are guided by one person standing in front of the white board recording thoughts and explaining concepts to the group. If someone else wants to explain an idea or contribute to the discussion, then they might take the place in front of the white board. They might not even write on the whiteboard and so their thoughts are not even recorded. A team collaboration tool can make a huge difference in how your team makes decisions without always defaulting to a meeting. As the demand to get more done in meetings increases, DisplayTen’s interactive flatscreen display is a powerful tool to make meetings more productive.Use the interactive whiteboard and pen to easily create any type of content. The unlimited canvas offers more than 250 digital pages. The whiteboard offers 10-touch point integration and zero latency. You get two-way control between your device and the DTen interactive touch screen display. Whether you’re using a PowerPoint presentation or some other file on your computer, you can control what’s on the screen from the large interactive display. No need to walk back and forth from your laptop to the display screen. The DisplayTen mobile app helps to scan the file to a mobile device. It’s easy to integrate the DTen with your other peripherals to make the touchscreen display part of your interactive meeting room solution. Full, easy access on the front of the large display unit to USB, HDMI, power, and other features. What other tips would you include for a company looking to become more collaborative?