How is DisplayTen an “Intelligently Simple Collaboration”?


05 Jul 2016How is DisplayTen an “Intelligently Simple Collaboration”?

If you visited us at InfoComm2016 then you know the reasons why DisplayTen products are the next products to invest in for the future of intelligently simple collaboration tools. The reason we say it’s simple is because the tool is designed in such a way that even the most technologically challenged people can pick it up in 3 seconds. Here are the three features that make it intelligently simple: Our displays eliminate messy configurations. They have built-in wireless sharing features. An example of a wireless feature is our dongle. Our wireless sharing dongle is simple to use and can start sharing any application or content from the web in less than 3 seconds. Whether you’re using a powerpoint presentation or some other file on your computer, you can control what’s on the screen from the large interactive display. No need to walk back and forth from your laptop to the display screen. Most companies don’t have “dongles” and if they do then you must purchase it separately. DisplayTen has built in WiFi and requires no software installation or WiFi set up. It’s become a hassle-free process! The second key feature is that we have integrated with big players and become a big content hub. Zoom enables the video conferencing feature for our displays and Asana enables the project management feature. But, DisplayTen is technologically agnostic and can integrate with any meeting software fairly easily. We have touch point integration with 0 latency, which is difficult to to find in the industry today. Along with that, we have a feature called DTEN Note, which helps design workflows and diagrams and brainstorm ideas. The unlimited canvas lets you draft as many pages as you want and save or retrieve those pages easily. In today’s day and age, firms have teams that are distributed around the world. Global teams require technology to support that dynamic. Video conferencing is a big dynamic, but you need a tool that brings seamless collaboration between a board room and a global team. DisplayTen provides a big panels where you can look at 8-9 globally distributed teams all at once with the 70” or 84” displays. This brings interactivity to the table. These are just some key features DisplayTen has to offer. So, now ask yourself why not DTen? We are working on being able to make the process of sharing, sending, and scanning files as easy as possible with the mobile application! You’ll easily scan or download a file from the DTen display to your mobile app by using the QR code. This way you can send files from your phone to your team members and also be able to send files to the DTen display from your phone. Stay on the lookout for our next blog!