The DisplayTen 3-Second Rule

The DisplayTen 3-Second Rule

DisplayTen’s technology works with a dedicated Wi-Fi network built into its interface and hardware. The DisplayTen wireless dongle mirrors content from your PC or Mac to DisplayTen within one click and enables users to share and collaborate content from their devices.

Within three seconds, you are ready to mirror your content to the DisplayTen interactive display. It is a fantastic world we live in these days, especially when it comes to sharing technology. A rapidly growing arsenal of devices now exists to allow anything on your phone, tablet, Mac or PC to be connected instantly with the dongle of DisplayTen to share content. You only need a Wi-Fi connection and any media from your multiple devices can be shared on a big screen. Once connected to a Wi-Fi connection you’re good to go to present and share any content instantly on the display.

Within three seconds, you are ready to to use your smart pen and eraser to ideate and annotate. DisplayTen features an innovative display that tells the smart pen precisely what you’ve written or drawn. You can use the smart pen to draw on anything that is on the desktop instantly. DisplayTen allows you to project the image of any application onto the display and to write or draw over the top of it. This can be useful when you are demonstrating the features of an application to a group or when you are using the internet, CD Rom, PowerPoint presentation etc.

Within three seconds, you are ready to share your notes to the DisplayTen mobile application DisplayTen can even be shared to the mobile application. The display stores and organizes everything you write on it. DisplayTen uses leading handwriting conversion technology to make it simple to share the notes to the mobile application.

Within three seconds, you are ready to switch between the different modules DisplayTen’s operating system is designed to have an easy-to-use user interface and is highly intuitive. There is zero learning curve here. You can switch within the blink of your eye between the PC-, TV-, presentation-, and whiteboard modes.