10 reasons DisplayTen collaboration software is the best option in the industry

10 reasons DisplayTen collaboration software is the best option in the industry

DisplayTen's cable-free DTen meeting collaboration solution lets users wirelessly share a device's content on the 70" interactive display, with no software required and no WiFi setup.  It also features finger and pen whiteboard writing with virtually zero latency, 10-touchpoint recognition, 2-way control between DTen and your mac or PC and a modular design for easy upgrading.

1. Share a device’s content on the 70" interactive display The DisplayTen DTEN70E 70" Wireless Interactive Display let you wirelessly share a device’s content on the 70" interactive display. It has a super slim design and zero parallax touch feeling that let you touch images directly on the screen.

2. Up and running in 3 seconds The most intuitive interactive solution for our users: use pen to write, user fingers to move or select, and magically use real eraser to erase. Focus on your ideas, not on how to use the machine.

3. Whiteboard with no border limit Simply write on the available screen. Design workflows, brainstorm, create. Then move to a fresh, new section on the screen with two fingers.

4. Save as PDF No need to take pictures after your discussion any more. DTen Note saves your work as a PDF so you can easily send it to others.

5. No wifi Setup. No Software Installation Maximize your meeting time by covering the essentials instead of wasting time with setup and installation. The DTEN70E lets you share anything quickly and easily without the frustration of getting your equipment to work.

6. Dedicated wifi network – Fast and secure The DTEN built-in wifi provides a dedicated network for DTen Share. It has private bandwidth, and is a fast and secure connection. Only those with a DTen dongle can access this network.

7. No need to join network. No wifi setup DTen Share connects the interactive multi-touch screen display to a provided dongle. There’s no setup or installation required. Simply plug the dongle in your PC or Mac and it automatically connects for you.

8. Two way responsive control You get two-way control between your device and the DTen interactive touch screen display. Whether you’re using a PowerPoint presentation or some other file on your computer, you can control what’s on the screen from the large interactive display. No need to walk back and forth from your laptop to the display screen.  

9. Easy access and full control It’s easy to integrate the DTen with your other peripherals to make the touchscreen display part of your interactive meeting room solution. Full, easy access on the front of the large display unit to USB, HDMI, power, and other features.

10. Outdoor full angle anti sunlight Recognize up to 10 touch points with precision and speed. Multi-touch without broken lines.

Bonus: Optional PC module You can transform your DTen wireless interactive display into a powerful Windows PC with the addition of a PC Module. Video conferencing of your choice and every PC feature you may like.